Phishing attacks are on the increase as cyber crime takes advantage of each chance to steal money from innocent victims. The Anti Phishing Workgroup January 2007 report revealed a rise of 67.4 percent in phishing strikes over the same month in the year 2006. The latest banking purchases are a best case of how phishing takes benefit of the news of the day. Over the a week ago there’s been an increase of strikes related to latest bank acquisitions. Due to the increase of this action you need to stay cautious when receiving unsolicited email which can be a possible phishing attack.

The stock exchange slide will certainly trigger even more spam and strikes over the coming weeks. You cannot prevent these attacks, however you could avoid being a victim by following ten easy steps. Cyber criminals are creative and always seeking new ways to attract more victims. This is the reason I say you cannot prevent phishing attacks, yet there are fundamental common sense measures to avoid being a victim by following ten simple measures. Make sure your computer is upgraded and scanned on a regular basis with a corporate grade computer security package. There is a big difference in quality between over the counter products as well as a managed professional grade computer service.

Make certain your windows background protection is present by going to Windows update. Don’t trust any email that urgently requests personal info of any sort. Banks along with other reputable companies and businesses don’t operate this way. Never click links in email claiming to be from a legitimate company or organization. Some of those attacks download Trojan horse viruses along with other malware onto a pc when a link in the email is clicked on. Ensure that the email is from a reliable source before clicking on a link. Legitimate organizations usually don’t ask you to verify user name, password aside from a preliminary set up.

Don’t call any number or utilize any link in a suspect email. Always verify the telephone number via a trustworthy source before calling otherwise you might fall prey to their scam. Criminals send out Phishing e-mails to millions of individuals. Never fill out personal info of any sort including accounts, usernames, social security numbers, charge card numbers, and the like via a kind on the web. Always report suspicious activity to the company or organization being spoofed. There is no such thing as preventing this kind of crime. Just a small percentage of individuals fall for the phishing attack ploys.


サイバー犯罪が罪のない犠牲者から金銭を盗む機会の増加に比例し、フィッシング詐欺が増加しています。 2007年1月のフィッシング対策ワークグループの報告によると、同月のフィッシング攻撃が2006年に比して67.4%増加したことが明らかになりました。最新の銀行買収は、フィッシングがその日のニュースの恩恵を受けるベストケースなのです。 1週間以上前、最新の銀行買収に関連してフィッシング攻撃が増加しました。このような行為が増えたため、迷惑メールを受信するときは、フィッシング攻撃の可能性があるので慎重に取り扱う必要があるのです。