As businesses continue to cut down prices, consolidate staffs and eviscerate government wages, increasingly more senior level IT professionals are eyeing corporate way outs – or being revealed them against their will. For many such technology execs, the next thing on the increasingly rocky, do-it yourself twenty-first century career path is independent consulting. Do you’ve what it might take, or know just what it might take, to strike out on one’s own? Where do you find customers? Should you specialize? What about promotion and financing? Where could you get decent, affordable medical health insurance when you are cut lose from corporate benefits? How do you understand the huge cultural changes of minding your very own calendar, developing and constructing your very own advertising demonstrations and, horror of horrors, scheduling your very own economics class air travel? How do you make the sign and find paying customers quickly, when it appears like every other let go IT exec is setting out his own shingle? To answer those along with other concerns, Computerworld rounded up a boardroom worth of former CIOs along with other higher level IT professionals who effectively made the transition to IT advisor.

Here are their difficult won responses and practical advice. Regardless of what is the depth and breadth of expertise, just changing your name and business card to IT advisor is not likely to land you just one customer. Specialization is completely crucial, relating to effective CIOs turned consultants. Eileen Strider, a former CIO at Universal Underwriters Insurance Group, is now a partner with her husband in their own consulting firm, Strider & Cline Inc. Strider’s market is reviewing large, frequently troubled ERP projects in the college education segment. Hernan Tocuyo, former CIO at FedEx Services who is now an independent consultant in the Dallas\/Fort Worth area, specializes in nonprofits and small businesses with no in house IT staff.

They do not have the expertise or the money to get a full time CIO. They can have a system administrator or IT manager, but that individual doesn’t know something about accounts receivables systems, he notes. So Tocuyo markets himself as a professional who might come in and implement a system, then train people who stay on the job to operate it. If you focus on everything, people won’t know who you’re.



ここには、彼らの難しいウォン・レスポンスと実践的なアドバイスがあります。専門知識の深さと幅が何であるかに関わらず、あなたの名前と名刺をITアドバイザーに変更するだけでは、あなたは新たな顧客を獲得することはできません。元CIOがコンサルタント転身する場合は、専門性は特に重要です。ユニバーサルアンダーライター保険グループの元CIOであったEileen Strider氏は、現在、彼女の夫が務めるコンサルティング会社であるStrider&Cline Inc.と提携しています。Striderの市場では、大学教育分野で大規模でかつ問題の多い基幹システム刷新プロジェクトを検討しています。 Hallan TocuyoはFedEx Servicesの元CIOで、Dallas \ / Fort Worthエリアの独立したコンサルタントであり、社内のITスタッフがいない非営利団体や中小企業を専門としています。